We are thankful to announce another batch of nation changers have been released here in Kathmandu! Last Thursday we graduated 41 students from 28 churches and 3 nations.

It has been a supreme privilege to train and equip them for the past four months.  The dream team God has brought us of staff and interns worked with love and unity to give their all. Only Jesus could display the beautiful teamwork and energy that they exhibited - as shining gifts they balanced one another to bring such power to the ones we were called to lead for this short season.
Here is an excerpt from their graduation address:

There was a young girl, a good girl, but she felt she was nothing special. Nothing exciting or significant had ever happened to her. Yet suddenly one day everything changed!  An angel brought the message that God had chosen her to birth a revival like had never been before. She lived her whole life as a mother, but her ‘YES” changed history. Like Mary, some of you will birth significant dreams and change history by carrying Jesus to the world.

There was a young man, a little brother. He had never owned anything for himself, he wore only hand-me-downs, and his family counted him as nothing. While no one seemed to notice him, God did. While his earthly father had never been there for him, his heavenly Father became his champion. God tested this young man, and he faithfully passed every challenge. His destiny was to rule and his passion was that everyone would experience the love and beauty he had found in the presence of His Father. Like David, some of you are called to bring His Presence so that the lost can be found in Him.

There was a faithful man who held a good and honorable job. He was a man of prayer, and in his prayer, God gave him a burden. God called him to use his gifts for a higher purpose, to restore and rebuild what had been destroyed. Nehemiah was an administrator and a designer. He acquired material, he positioned people, and he brought revival to a nation by answering God’s call. Like Nehemiah some of you are kingdom builders, restoring what has been destroyed by the enemy.

There was a beautiful girl. Her beauty brought her favor, and she could use that beauty to get what she wanted. Yet God called her beauty to a higher purpose. He lifted her to the position of a queen. Now her beauty had placed her for deliverance, not just for herself, but to save the life of many. Esther’s name means “star” – she became a bright light, a deliverer for many.  Like Esther, God has positioned you for “such a time as this”.

Now these graduates go forth to bring light to the darkness and life where there is none. Thank you for your prayers and giving to bring this again to pass.

With love - Toni


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