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Dunamis Nepal Batch 8

The world over, we measure our weeks with 7 days. God created the world in 7 days - the 8th day represented a NEW BEGINNING.

In Bible numerology 8 represents the new beginning of the Covenant God made with Abraham, which called for circumcision on the 8th day as a sign.

Number 8 is also the personal number for Jesus:

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Dunamis 7th Class 2016

We are thankful to announce another batch of nation changers have been released here in Kathmandu! Last Thursday we graduated 41 students from 28 churches and 3 nations.

It has been a supreme privilege to train and equip them for the past four months.  The dream team God has brought us of staff and interns worked with love and unity to give their all. Only Jesus could display the beautiful teamwork and energy that they exhibited - as shining gifts they balanced one another to bring such power to the ones we were called to lead for this short season.
Here is an excerpt from their graduation address:

There was a young girl, a good girl, but she felt she was nothing special. Nothing exciting or significant had ever happened to her. Yet suddenly one day everything changed!  An angel brought the message that God had chosen her to birth a revival like had never been before. She lived her whole life as a mother, but her ‘YES” changed history. Like Mary, some of you will birth significant dreams and change history by carrying Jesus to the world.

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Dunamis 6th Class 2015

October 10 was a happy day for all of us as we sent out the sons and daughters of Batch 6 Dunamis to the next step in their ministries. Twenty-two walked the platform from Nepal, India, Indonesia and Iraq. It was a challenging but rewarding session.

Continue to pray for Nepal as rebuilding is in process – both naturally and politically. The new constitution was approved with much joy and thankfully the door to the church remains open. The critical fuel embargo from India is causing distress and suffering to a people already in recovery. Please continue to pray for prosperity and freedom to reign in Nepal. One ray of hope is the recent election of a woman president – an amazing milestone in a male dominated nation and a sure sign that change is taking place.

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