Dunamis Peru was launched in November 2017 in Arequipa. Pastor Jorge and Estefani Flores host the school at their vibrant church, which is called Mar Adentro, meaning “out in deep waters”. 

We believe this is a plan formed long ago by our Father God. Pastor Jorge is a graduate of Domata Peru, sharing our spiritual roots with Pastors Mark and Janet Brazee of World Outreach Church of Tulsa (woctulsa.org). There are also ties with our home church, New Creation Church of Glenwood Springs (newcreationchurch.org), and we expect more connection in the future. Jesus is building His Church in the nations and we all have a supply!

With a big vision to plant churches through out the nation, Dunamis will help to equip leaders in a systematic way in “spirituals” and in the Word. We believe this training will help to position their leaders for this calling.  Curriculum is being translated into Spanish as we pioneer this first South American school.

Give towards the Peru Project here.

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