Dunamis is the Greek word for power - you shall receive dunamis when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and be My witnesses - Acts 1:8.

The vision of this ministry is to revive the body of Christ by strengthening and empowering present leadership as well as helping to activate and position a new generation through leadership training. A short term, intensive training method has been developed that builds the local church by establishing leaders in a foundation in the living Word of God with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit.

Studies have proven that four-year seminary training can actually inhibit church planting movements by taking leaders away from the frontline of ministry. Dunamis is designed for leaders to be equipped as they lead. The format is scalable to different cultures and contexts. The benefits of Dunamis include practical foundational topics, written curriculum which engages even intern teachers, purposed times of being led by the Holy Spirit, an emphasis on worship and prayer, and practical ministry experience designed to activate leaders in their church settings.

Teaching leaders the foundational truths of scripture and training them to respond to and move with God’s Spirit results in stable believers, increase in church ministries and movement towards the lost.

Now beginning its eighth year, Dunamis Nepal has trained over 450 leaders, primarily from Nepal, but also including graduates from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Many of these graduates are pastors or church planters. Others serve as associates and ministry leaders in their local churches, evangelists, missionaries, and culture influencers through their businesses and professions.

A strong multi-cultural staff has been developed who are leading and pioneering new works including:

  • First satellite in Sikkim India in 2016
  • New schools in Croatia and Peru beginning in November 2017
  • Bible schools in local churches - ongoing
  • Nepali video correspondence curriculum launched June 2017
  • Nepali video short set on the Holy Spirit for small groups – October 2017
  • Mission Mentor online course - 2018

These new projects and expansion require new partners in prayer, helps and support. If you desire to connect with a ministry that has proven fruit, momentum and significant doors of opportunity to train leaders who will impact nations, Dunamis would greatly value your partnership.